Serious Games and Gamification – Everything to Play for?

serious games gamification

14 January, 2021


This Experts’ Focus Group looked at serious games and gamification in relation to the cultural heritage and education sectors and at the main factors inhibiting the growth of serious games start-ups.

The following experts generously contributed to the discussions:

Jami Andersson, Boost Turku-Entrepreneurship society, FI; Lissa Holloway-Attaway, Division of Game Development at the University of Skövde, SE; Egils Grasmanis, Board Games publisher Brain Games, LV; Janis Grinvalds, 3D artist, LV;  Kadri Haljas, Triumph Health, Health technology startup, EST; Nana Heinberg, County of Dalarna, Dept of Culture and education, leading a project about how game and gamification can be a part of the cultural sector, SE; Donna Hill, Senior Program Officer, Office of the Director, Department for Transition and Developed Countries (TDC), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Switzerland; Per Horn, Innovation Manager for EIT Health –  ‘knowledge and innovation community’ (KIC) of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT); Maciej Hofman, Policy Officer, Culture – Cultural and creative sectors, European Commission; Theresia Jensen, responsible for CCI and Culture & Health,  County of Dalarna – Department of Culture and Education, SE; Soren V. Kjaer, Creative Facilitator & Innovations Consultant, DK;  Martin Larsson, Incubator Klump, Subtopia, SE;  Ruth Lemmen, Project & Event Management, Consultancy, co-founder of Womenize! Games and Tech, DE; Viktor Lindbäck, Enterprise Developer, Swedish National Heritage Board, SE;  Björn Berg Marklund, Lecturer in informatics, University of Skovde, SE;  Georgy Nikich, art historian, lecturer at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, RU;  Justine Pantelejeva, Riga Municipality, Minecraft Riga, UrbCulturalPlanning, LV;  Burak Sayin, Trans Europe Halles network, SE;  Kerstin Schütt, Twisted Ramble Games, DE;  Natasha Skult, Hive, Turku Game Hub, FI; Tobias Staaby, Teacher, advisor, researcher and author from Bergen in Norway focused on games and learning, NO;  Per Stromback, Spokesperson for the Swedish Games Industry, SE; Krystyna Wroblewska, expert on Baltic Sea cooperation  and regional development,  Gdansk, PL; Magdalena Zakrewska-Duda, Senior Specialist on Strategic Partnerships, The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, PL.


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