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Photo by Saulius Aliukonis


ClowNexusinvolves cross-border cooperation between eight European Healthcare Clowning organisations from geographically diverse backgrounds. It serves professionalization of the EU cultural sector and strengthens cross-sectoral cooperation. 


The Idea for this Initiativeto develop cross-border cooperation and the collaboration between sectors in merging art, well-being and social inclusion foci. The ongoing project- November 2020 till end of 2023 is led by RED NOSES Clowndoctors International..


Innovation and Inspirational Know-How…

The creation of methodologies on how to involve audiences, families and social experts in the development process of tailor-made artistic interventions. 

Newly developed and implemented monitoring and evaluation tools will provide evidence of the impact

The project will contribute to the visibility and awareness for arts for well-being in Europe

To gain recognition from cultural and social policy makers and recommend healthcare clowning as good practice.


Challenges… to find ways to open up enjoyment of artistic performances groups who are often excluded and who experience difficulties in accessing that pleasure as part of the general public. To gain recognition from cultural and social policy makers who could then refer to the project’s outcomes in recognising the need for arts to promote well-being.


Meeting the Challenges…. to create specially purposed performances that will offer often hard-to-reach audiences possibilities to actively enjoy artistic interventions.


Impacts…. The artistic interactions should positively affect the social inclusion of the target groups by connecting audiences, family members and carers through the creative process. 

They should have a positive effect on their life-quality, well-being and mental health. 


The Key Goals are…. to improve access to interactive artistic performances for vulnerable groups in society and improve well-being more generally for the community including care-providers and families.


Clowning Connects Us is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


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