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Creve 2.0 project (2018-2020, funded by ESF) Image courtesy of Creve, Humak.


Creve (CreativeVenture)… A CCI virtual business services and learning environment for entrepreneurship. Developed and managed by Humak University of Applied Sciences, its mission is to enhance business to business (B2B) collaboration. 


Idea for the Initiative… Building multi-professional teams to utilize creative competence in both traditional and service industries sectors. 


Challenges… finding and establishing a good match for the cross-sectoral collaboration to ensure its sustainability. 

Gaining continuous funding and lead organizations/providers with a strong strategy to build the required effective and continuous network, co-operation and services.


Meeting the Challenges… In 2018 Creve started offering creative competence services in the virtual domain using a dedicated app and an online platform to operate spaces for virtual collaboration. 

In 2020 a pilot business competence accelerator programme was facilitated through strategic design in co-operation with Design Forum Finland. .

Multidisciplinary approach: bringing together professionals from different fields with the shared aim of finding a solution to a real-life business cases through co-creation and collaboration.

Putting the strategic design company in each team in charge of one of the five contact days.



New CCI businesses gain a stronger understanding of the ways traditional businesses operate, communicate and develop. Businesses in other sectors can increase their creative competence and understanding of how to anticipate and plan business growth through creativity at both strategic and operative levels. 

The impact of the virtual tools saw user growth rise from the average of 650 per year to 3000 active online. 

A strong, nation-wide network and a solid knowledge platform built over a decade of activities shared with other universities, public bodies and the CCI businesses- mostly SMEs.


Innovations and Inspirational Know-how:

A new get-together concept Virtual PUB.

A dedicated app and an online platform for virtual collaboration to facilitate virtual creative competence services.  

A model of co-operation/networks for nationwide CCI organizations and services linked also to international CCI networks. 

New CCI virtual business services such as peer-to-peer guidance. 

Concepts and tools for measuring and evaluation of potential of entrepreneurship, business plan and products. 

Innovation concepts for HUBs – an example being a creative survivor camp for entrepreneurs.  

Materials, tools, videos and communities for entrepreneurs to utilize.


Going forward… Creve will continue after the end of the Creve 2.0-project to build a stronger network and co-operation with Finnish and international CCI organizations/service providers. 

Future focus will be on improving learning skills, virtual learning environments, peer to peer services, provider networks, communities and sharing competence between entrepreneurs, business advisors and lecturers in CCI.  

* There are seven project partners involved -Universities and CCI operators around Finland. It works intensively with Finnish CCI organizations such as Music Finland, Design Forum Finland and CCI funding bodies. 


Further Information:

Leena Janhila & Benny Majabacka

Creve 2.0, Humak UAS

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