Golden Cubes Awards and Onstage App from Poland

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© ONSTAGE mobile app.  Photo by Konrad Ćwik


Some background…. Both of these Polish projects focus on the needs of the audience and public, employing inventive ways to meet these. They are also both led by arts professionals who took up the initiative and turned creative ideas into action. The Golden Cubes Awards promote the education of children about urban heritage and architecture more generally. Onstage App is about facilitating audiences to attend and/or participate more in classical music. It’s the first app for classical music concert organizers.


Some details…. The Golden Cubes Awards are planned to take place on a triennial basis with the first edition in 2020. This aims to encourage and support those who lay the foundations for understanding of architectural processes and the creation of the built environment. The Architecture and Children Work Program organizes the awards on behalf of the International Union of Architects and its member organizations.

Onstage App is designed to complement sales and marketing efforts and also enhance the audience experience. It is a tool for complete marketing and ticketing offering an instant update on upcoming events.

golden cube

The Golden Cubes Awards: Centrum Interpretacji Zabytku, Photo by Paweł Czarnecki, Muzeum Warszawy


Innovation and inspirational know how…. One of Golden Cubes Awards’ new initiatives is an online educational platform in development ADE – Architektura dla edukacji – Architecture for Education. This builds an open space for exchanging experience and gaining competence through e-learning, networking, sharing of knowledge and promotion, short films, exercises and educational games for both children and educators.

The Golden Cubes Awards explore ways of fostering cooperation between architects, teachers, and educators. Resources are pooled, such as knowledge, ideas, and tools that can facilitate the education of younger generations. It is a chance to raise the profile of active educators who promote greater awareness of architecture’s importance among young people.

Onstage App uses onstage video captured by four cameras allows the audience to see what is happening on the stage in real-time without the sound delay typical for large screens projects. It offers in remarkable detail on their smartphones’ screens the viewpoint of the stage. The application uses geo-location and AI for translation, this way it provides fresh information on all concerts and performances in the area. It is also automatically updated on changes introduced in the programmes.


Challenges…. for Onstage App- overcoming the more conservative nature of the market of public run and private institutions in the field of classical music. The age groups more likely to be attending or participating in classical music are less accustomed to using smart phone technology. For Golden Cubes Awards- how to best achieve the core mission of the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning of promoting architectural and urban culture and safeguarding the national architectural heritage of twentieth century.


Meeting the challenges….

The Golden Cubes Awards play a specific role, i.e. reaching young people, within more general activities including research, documentation, popularisation, exhibitions, educational campaigns and publishing.

Onstage App applies the latest digital technology in a way that is accessible for would-be users and not off-putting. Its services are free for the user and based on B2B model that is affordable for large venues.



The Onstage App quickly became popular across Poland. In October 2020 it featured 500 concerts. The first Golden Cubes Awards have had 34 competition entries, which were used as a base for creation of a map of institutions involved in architectural education. It serves as an indication of whether the number of educational initiatives is increasing or not.


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