Hearing and dancing? How can the Cultural and Creative Industries engage with ‘Traditional Industries’ to mutual benefit?

10 July, 2020.

This Experts’ Focus Group looked at survival scenarios for CCIs and traditional industries in the before and after Covid-19 world. It explored the potential and needs of the CCIs and traditional industries. It examined the degree of mutual awareness between them as well as evaluating and measuring the benefits of cross-sectoral cooperation to them.

The following experts generously contributed to the discussions:

Malla Alatalo, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, FI; Eglė Baltranaitė, Klaipeda University, LT;  Dita Danosa, Latvian Design Centre, LV; Conrad Dorer, German Environment Agency, EcoDesign Circle, DE; Nadezhda Gerasimova, otmetky.info, RU; Ilze Gailite Holmberga, CREA.HOLM, LV; Leena Janhila, Humak Creve Incubator for Creative Industry, FI; Olga Kizina, Creative Business Cup Russia, RU/DE; Martin Larsson, Incubator Klump, Subtopia, SE; Maria Loleit, ornamika.ru, RU;  Lene Noer,Foreningen GRASSLAND, DK; Jonas Olsson, The Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, SE; Algirdas Orantas, Lithuanian Design Council, LT; Anu-Katriina Perttunen, Creative Finland, FI; Krista Petäjäjärvi, Arts Promotion Center Finland, FI; Javier Rodriguez, Standart Thinking; Ekaterina Sachkova, creativeindustries.ru, RU; Linda Sugataghy, DOO performing arts group, DK; Katia Zatuliveter, altourism.ru, RU.



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