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Photo by: Bon Alog, courtesy of Artscape


The Applied Theatre project NAMAI (Home) promotes a multi-perspective attitude in its work with local communities around the theme of ‘home.’


The idea of the initiative… Arts Agency Artscape, operating since 2012, is a project-based, non-profit cultural organisation. It initiates and implements cross-sectoral (artistic-social-educational) projects that can be used as a catalyst for social change.


Goals… NAMAI invites participants from diverse backgrounds, generations and geographical areas to find a common background and the shared values of living in same community.


Photo by: Bon Alog, courtesy of Artscape


Innovation and inspirational know how…

In NAMAI, artists return to their native communities and hometowns to work as mediators between teenage pupils and community members while running applied theatre projects. Teenagers from five schools collaborate in teams and engage in a process involving local institutions, parents, neighbours and other members of community. It’s a learning process that helps participants to collectively search for everyone`s ‘Home.’


Since 2015 Artspace has worked with migrants, asylum seekers and representatives of national minorities who have come to Lithuania. It has been accumulating expert knowledge, and develops a network of partners working with these groups.


Impact… The Artscape projects operate in seven municipalities and researchers communicate widely information about the social impact of their activities through online platforms.


Further information…


Aistė Ulubey

Co-founder and CEO of Artscape


Kristina Werner

Artistic Director of HOME project.



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