The Partnership Market – CCI Connectivity and Cross-Sectoral Innovation

connectivity innovation

2 July, 2020.

This Experts’ Focus Group looked at barriers and drivers of cross-sectoral relationships and innovation and interventions needed to stimulate increased cross-sectoral activity. It also focused on cross-sectoral working before and after the arrival of COVID-19.

The following experts generously contributed to the discussions:

Charles Bušmanis, Designer, Design thinking expert, LV; Ekaterina Cherkes-Zade, Universal University,  RU; Emilia Cholewicka, Creative Economy Research Center, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, PL; Fiona Dahncke, Cross Innovation Hub, Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, DE; Guna Datava, Institute for Environmental Solutions, LV; Lars Georg Fordal, The Norwegian Barents Secretariat, NO; Olaf Gerlach-Hansen, Danish Cultural Institute, DK; Jari Jumpponen, Northern Dimension Business Council; Olga Kizina, Creative Business Cup Russia, RU/DE; Elena Khoroshkina, Artecon, RU; Eva Leemet, CEO, Creative Estonia, EST; Timo Mäkelä, Sitra, Finnish Innovation Fund, Northern Dimension Council, FI; Justīne Panteļējeva, Riga City Development Department, LV; Tiago Prata ,TILLT, SE; Denis Pyzhikov, KRICPE of Petrozavodsk State University, RU; Mieke Renders, Trans Europe Halles, SE; Ekaterina Sachkova,, RU; Katerina Sharova, Arctic Art Institute, RU; Mateusz Smól, Creative Economy Research Center, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, PL; Lilita Sparāne, Creative industries and partnerships’ expert, LV; Henryk Stawicki, Change Pilots, PL; Roma Surviliene, National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries of Lithuania, LT; Karina Vissonova, Institute of Advanced Design Studies, HU; Elena Zelentsova, Skolkovo Foundation, RU.



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